Liyah Vendetta

A personal vendetta in maintaining a healthy & peaceful life by living & surrounding myself with positivity. xoxo, Liyah Vendetta

Currently under construction as of 06/28/2015
Liyah Vendetta

Currently under “beauty-struction” xoxo

Your go-to blog for healthy recipes, health, beauty and honest reviews. What you will find on my blog is a full range of topics, from health-related, skin care, beauty & mostly cruelty-free products that actually have benefits for your skin & body. I may slip up sometimes and add other types of products because I’m still new at this and I will do the best I can to find affordable, beneficial, high quality products. You will also find healthy recipes and other tips to live a healthy & active lifestyle. I feel that if you are feeding your skin, body and your mental health any negativity then you will ultimately produce negativity as well. Thank you for taking the time to read and browse around my blog site. I am open to any suggestions and advice that would help improve my blog site. So let's start this journey together :)
Liyah Vendetta

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