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Favorite brushes from Sedona Lace

Posted on April 21, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)


Makeup brushes, there are so many makeup brushes from different brands which serve different and many purposes. Makeup brushes can make a big difference in your makeup application.

I have quite a collection when it comes to makeup brushes, but the main brand that I reach for in my brush collection are the Sedona Lace brushes. Sedona Lace brushes are great quality; I personally prefer them over my Sigma brushes and other higher end brushes that I own. They are affordable and cruelty free! I have 19 brushes from Sedona Lace but there are 7 that I absolutely love.

 photo SedonaLace_zpsf89cbec4.jpg


From left to right:

1. #312 -Synthetic Small Round:

I use this to help smudge out my eye liner for a smokey eye look. The brush is dense and perfect for buffing out eye shadow. Brush is part of their vegan line of brushes. Price: $12.95


2. EB13 – Synthetic Blender:

A cease brush, bristles are soft and dense. Makes it easier to blend quicker. I also use this brush to contour my nose while blending out those harsh lines. Brush is part of their vegan line of brushes. Price: $8.95


3. #850 - Synthetic Large Angled Contour Brush

This brush is used for contouring but it also doubles as a blush brush but I use it to highlight my cheekbones and applying blush. Smooth application. Brush is part of their vegan line of brushes. Price: $13.95


4. #480 - Synthetic Round Top

Very dense but soft, I use this for a nice coverage with my favorite CC cream on my lazy days. I also use this with my concealer underneath my eyes. Brush is part of their vegan line of brushes. Price: $14.95


5. #520 - Synthetic Angled Flat Top

I love this brush for a light application with cream contouring; it blends very easily while getting onto those hard to reach areas on your face. Brush is part of their vegan line of brushes. Price: $14.95


6. #928 - Synthetic Flat Top

Everyone raves about the Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush ($21). I own the brush but after using it three times, I just stopped once I got the Sedona Lace #928 brush. Personally the #928 brush is better at application the F80 brush. I love using the #928 brush to blend my cream or liquid products and buffing out areas like the cheeks and forehead. Brush is part of their vegan line of brushes. Price: $14.95


7. FB 01 – Jumbo Fan brush

I first heard about this brush a year ago when one of the beauty bloggers were raving about it. It’s a multi-brush but I have been using it for a light highlight, setting my foundation with a powder or sweeping off any fall out from my eyes. Price: 14.95




I have had most of these brushes for a while now and just like the rest of my Sedona Lace brushes, I have not had any shedding with my brushes. All the brushes are soft and give a great flawless coverage. The one brush that might make it to my top 8 Sedona Lace favorites is the FB 03 brush. It’s not featured here because I have only used it twice (bought it mid-March). I have been playing with it using it for contouring and highlighting and so far, it’s a keeper.


What are your favorite brushes? What brand?



***** Sedona Lace has sales from time to time. If your purchase is $15 or more you can get $4 off your code by using promo codes “glamourdoll” or “renren”. Orders $50 or more get free shipping by using the promo code “50free”.


What are your thoughts?  Stay safe, stay positive, be you - because you are beautiful.


Liyah Vendetta








March Favorites

Posted on April 1, 2014 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Each month, I will let you in on my Holy Grails and favorite products for that month. Although I have many favorites, I will try to limit them to fewer than 10 each month. Many of these products I have had for several months and I am barely getting to use them. Yes, I am a makeup hoarder, don’t judge me. I have a habit of getting stuff and storing them away for later. Okay, let’s get down to business.


I narrowed it down to 6 products this month. Only two makeup products this month, one hair care product and the other 3 are skin care.

 photo MarchFavorites_zpsc6d6ba24.jpg


 photo photo12_zpsf5c52644.jpg

Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup remover:

Very gentle and great for those with sensitive skin and contact lens wears (like me). Looks like water, no fragrance and is color-free. It removes my eye makeup with such ease even waterproof mascara without irritation or making my eyes red.

I have tried many different eye makeup removal products and since I wear contacts (poor vision) most of them have burned my eyes or irritated them but not this product. I keep going back to it and I don’t know why I keep finding other eye makeup removal products when this one has been so good to me. I have been using this product since 2010 and love it. I also love the brand, The Body Shop is a great company who uses ingredients that are sourced through Community Fair Trade, plus they are making a huge difference in the world by raising fund and spreading global awareness of domestic violence, prevention, support and protection for abused women and children. This is such a great company!


NOTE: Cruelty free

PRICE: $15 for an 8.4 fl oz bottle.


 photo Glamglow_zpsa6ad6cef.jpg

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treatment

I first tired this in a subscription service in October 2012. It’s a 10 minutes mud mask that leaves your skin smother, brighter and softer. It gently exfoliates and absorbs impurities without removing natural oils from the skin. It does sting a little but it goes away. I love this product.

It has French Sea Clay which absorbs impurities and toxic substances, while minimizing pore size.

Volcanic Pumice Rock which clears dead skin cells and smoothing out find lines and softens skin texture.

Green Tea Leaf Pieces (you will see pieces of this that looks like seaweed on your face after applying the mask) a groundbreaking patent pending TEAOXI™ technology delivers fresh Super-Squalene, EGCG super antioxidants, and Polypenols directly into the mud from the real pieces of tea leaf.


Does not contain:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates


NOTE: Cruelty Free

PRICE: 0.5 oz for $19 and 1.7 oz for $69


 photo photo22_zps70e34974.jpg

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex

I have been using this cream since January and loveeeeeee it!!! I got it in my January Glossybox. This cream is very light and creamy without the greasy feeling on your face. Perfect moisturizer for all skin types, prevents and minimizes signs of aging, hydrates, and improves elasticity.

 photo Cream_zpsd3e31656.jpg

The SUPER 7 complex are: an age-defying, hydrating, and radiance-boosting blend of seven super-charged ingredients to defend against wrinkles, preserve collagen, promote the production of hyaluronic acid, seal in moisture, and soften the skin.


Does not contain:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates


NOTE: Not sure if they are cruelty free, never responded to my inquiry

PRICE: $42 for 1.7 oz

WHERE: Sephora


 photo photo3_zps095a3400.jpg

JOSIE MARAN Argan Oil Hair Serum

Argan Oil, the superior of all oils. I am obsessed with argan oils already because of the benefits; rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, youthful and radiant clear skin and healthy hair. Who doesn’t want that? This serum is doing wonders for my hair and keeping my frizz tamed and in control. Josie Maran’s agran oil hair serum repairs your hair making it healthier, silkier and shiny while maintain the frizz. Very light and does not leave a greasy feeling.

Does not contain:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Synthetic Fragrances

- Synthetic Dyes

- Phthalates

- GMOs

- Triclosan

- Alcohol


NOTE: Cruelty free

PRICE: $12 for a 0.5 oz, $30 for a 2 oz and $50 for a 4 oz

WHERE: Sephora or Josie Maran’s website


 photo LoveLetter_zps7a5d67d9.jpg

KAT VON D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow

Shade in Love Letter (purple)

I love KAT VON D products and own two of the shade shifters in the shades Love Letter and On the Road (brown). Supposedly the colors are chameleon-like, color shifting shades when activated by water. I have seen it with On the Road but not so much with Love Letter, with Love Letter it does give it a metallic change when activated with a setting spray that I use. It’s still a gorgeous color and I love it. I like using it alone on the lid and cease followed by a winged eyeliner look. Very pigmented and crease resistant with Urban Decay’s eye primer and it goes on easy.

 photo LoveLetterSwatch_zps6409df43.jpg

(excuse my cracked skin, usually gets like this when the weather is 20 degree or lower)

NOTE: Cruelty free

PRICE: $16

WHERE: Sephora



 photo TemperTemper_zps2a1a5a81.jpg


Too Faced intense eye shadow singles

Shade in Temper Temper.

Temper Temper is a deep merlot shade, very gorgeous color and reminds me of MAC’s eyeshadow in Cranberry. I haven’t applied this wet yet but dry, it resembles the finish of KAT VON D shade shifter eyeshadow in Love Letter wet. It’s very pigmented, long lasting and crease-resistant. Does not feel chalky and very smooth to apply. Both colors listed in my March favorites are bold shades but they are perfect along for a daytime-drama look. I like using Temper Temper with a cat eye liner look.

 photo SwatchesTempampLL_zpsf88f574f.jpg

(excuse my cracked skin, usually gets like this when the weather is 20 degree or lower. Temper Temper was applied dry.)


NOTE: Cruelty Free

PRICE: $15.10


Deal Alert: Use promo code “pretty20” for 20% off your total purchase.



There you have it, my March favorites. Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? Well that is all for now, look out for future posts and more monthly favorites each month. Stay safe, stay positive, be you because you are beautiful.


Liyah Vendetta





Spring Flings and Sweeter Things Beauty Swap

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

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Hello all!

I have been extremely busy and going through major personal things in my life right now that I am seriously neglecting my blog and I feel awfully bad about it. This post is not really beauty related or advice related but I just wanted to post my goodies from a gift swap I participated in. I have belonged to this amazing beauty swap group on Facebook since June 2013. I just wanted to say this group is so much more than just a swap group, I have met so many amazing ladies and have establish friendships with the most amazing, wonderful women in the group.


I hosted this gift swap event with Tia (admin and creator of the group, one of the amazing women of the group). 68 ladies participated in the event. My Spring Beauty (the name I drew) was Terri (xoxo) and I enjoyed shopping for her. The person who pulled my name was the infamous Christy!!! I love that girl for many reasons!!! I exchange XMAS gifts with her and she did such an amazing job bringing a smile and tears to my face that I knew she was going to hit the soft spot again lol. :o


Here are the goodies:

 photo Unwrapped_zps1cbaba48.jpg

Here are the items unwrapped. Excuse the mess on my dressing table/vanity. Only place I had free from “clutter” to put everything on. As soon as I opened the box, a nice fragrance smell smacked me right in the face :D lol ….

 photo Treats_zps2f0d6a5c.jpg

Some sweet treats and Christy’s homemade deer jerky that made me to the jerky jerk dance last time :D

 photo HairStuff_zps506a95aa.jpg

Christy!!!! Chrissssssssstay!!! You are amazing! You know about the struggles and the current war I am in with my hair. Some of these were on my wishlist and some weren’t but Christy knows me so well!!! I love and also obsessed with argan oils and I cannot believe she got me a variety of argan oils to try. Love everything!!!

 photo Polish_zps8671bc5d.jpg

Some Zoya goodies. I am a big fan of Zoya :D So happy to get these. Shades are  in Giovanna ( a metallic emerald green), Odette (orchid dark lilac color) & Mason (a metallic red violet) .... love it!!! 

 photo OrganicSoap_zpsc7007562.jpg

I love organic or natural items and when I saw these …. I immediately fell in love. I didn’t have these in my wishlist – I think she knows what I like since last time I sent her some handmade soap bars. They all smell great, not over powering. They are pure castile soap mini soap bars, vegan, palm free, organic and hand made. Scents I received: Oatmeal pumpkin, Cacao scrub (going to use this one for my face), espresso super scrub (going to try it on my face), French fields, sweet leaf, brown sugar scrub, cornmeal super scrub, oatmeal & honey. A 10% off coupon was also included for this Esty seller.

 photo FaceStuff_zps520fa15d.jpg

Sneaky sneaky Christy lol, I didn’t have any of these on my Elfster wishlist, someone has been snooping around lol. I am obsessed with face oils and I currently used the Josie Maran argan oil and the Tarte one which I ran out on both … yay for another one!!! I love glamglow products, I have not tried the GLAMGLOW BRIGHTMUD™ Eye Treatment .... so I am excited to try that out. I love the super mud treatments, the only product that removes the nasty blackheads I am cursed with on my nose. I have seriously wanted to try the benefit facial cream for the longest since I currently used their eye cream. & I am already a big fan of the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder. I like using this powder alone on my lazy no makeup days to give my face a nice glow.

 photo Coffee-Scrub_zpse8caea34.jpg

Ohhhhhhh I LOVE these body wash in a sponge products ever since Coeli (Tink) sent me one for my birthday. & COFFEE!!!! You can never go wrong with Starbucks coffee …

 photo Makeup_zps1aa30407.jpg

Seriously Christy must be a mind reader or she is secretly peeking through my window … lol I was surprised to see the Naked Basics from Urban Decay. I actually had one but last week after moving my dressing table, I dropped mine and  I had eyeshadow everywhere :( ….. No one knew about this …. Christy are you viewing me through a magical crystal ball ;)? You’re good!!!! I finally got my hands on the Cindy-Lou manizer from thebalm!!!! YAY!!! Triple double super YAY!!!! :D

NARS is on my TOP 5 makeup items so getting the primer from Christy is a well deserved A+++++ 8)


 photo Lips_zps22f0bf72.jpg


LIPPIES!!!!! YAY!!!!  Love them all, although one of them made me raised an eyebrow. I misread the label on one of the MAC lipsticks as “HO’HO’HO” …. Was Christy trying to get me back for the XMAS box I sent her? LOL!!! In mid December, a group of us were making "Hoe" jokes and I sent a Christmas box to Christy which had the words "Ho, Ho, Ho" on it. Ahahaha, I did it to make her smile. I realized that I had the box backwards so the lipstick is actually called “Oh, Oh, Oh” it is one of MAC’s Limited Edition items. I thought the color would be a brown shade because of the color, but swatching it; it’s a nice sheer pink-maroon shade.

 photo Lush_zps1e10a241.jpg

LUSH!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! <3 The Ro's Argon Body Conditioner smells really good that now I need to get the full size one!!! Thank you Christy!!!! I love the scent.  I don't know what the white bathbomb is (smells amazing) but the other one is Phoenix Rising and the Karma soap bar which I already love!!!!

 photo UnicornFarts_zps69fac5ca.jpg

Hmmm someone wants me smelling like unicorn farts with glitter. :D

The Fortune Cookie Soap Bath + Body have created a body mist made out of Unicorn Farts!!! How awesome is that?! This is a hydrating botanical body spray that is all natural, alcohol free, paraben free and good for both hair and skin. It smells really amazing, very fruity & sweet!!!

Now the next items really made me cry out an ocean full of happy tears. Honestly, the words cannot express how much I am appreciative, happy; amazed in all the items Christy has sent me. I already had love for Christy, she is such an amazing woman with a little bit of kick. Words cannot truly express how much it means to me. I am a big nerd when it comes to Twilight, Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments, and she surprised me with items that I will always cherish, plus she got me a Disney Princess compact mirror for my collection!!! Thank you Christy for all everything, I LOVE it ALLL!!!!

 photo HungerGames_zpsc3063ad3.jpg

 photo DSC07136_zps7a73fad0.jpg


The last item, the one I love most ..... which made me shed the most tears 

 photo Twilight_zpsd5b29202.jpg

She got me the necklace I wanted with my favorite quote from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. “plus que ma propre vie” ….. Translation: More than my own life. This has a special meaning to me, in the scene of the movie; Bella & her daughter Renesmee are in her bedroom talking. Bella tells her how m uch she loves her and hands her a golden locket inscribed with the words “plus que ma propre vie” …. One of my favorite scenes of a mother and daughter ….  shows how much a mother loves her children & how far she is willing to go to keep them safe. 



February Favorites

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A BIG HELLO to everyone! Hiya’!!:lol:

Each month, I will let you in on my Holy Grails and favorite products for that month. Although I have many favorites, I will try to limit them to fewer than 10 each month. Many of these products I have had for several months and I am barely getting to use them. Yes, I am a makeup hoarder, don’t judge me. I have a habit of getting stuff and storing them away for later. Okay, let’s get down to business.



This month I had 5 favorites. Yes, only five for this month :(.

 photo FebFav_zps6b1ae84a.jpg

The Favorites for February:

 photo FeelGood_zpsbb5944c2.jpg

OLE HENRIKSEN Truth To Go Vitamin C Wipes.

I love these wipes. Very light scent of orange (love the smell of oranges). Very gentle cleansing wipes that provide moisturizing and age defying properties. Vitamin C and micro algae to help firm, brighten and smooth the texture of your skin. Super yay! Not only do I use this to remove dirt or makeup from my face but also in the morning to clean my face with them and then follow up with the foam cleanser that I use from this line that I am obsessed with (product on my January favorites). I really love the Ole Henriksen line, pricey but worth the $$$$ spent on their products.


Product does not contain:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates


NOTE: Cruelty free

PRICE: 10 wipes for $10 (30 wipes pack $15)


 photo TooFaced_zps3099d109.jpg


Too Faced Love Sweet Love palette

This palette was part of their 2012 Holiday line and was also given as a free gift with a $50 purchased on their website in February 2013. I really love this palette for a natural simple look. The palette looks like a cute little booklet with a mirror inside along with three different makeup looks guide. Palette contains 6 eyeshadows, two blushes and two lip pans. Colors I dislike from this palette are Strawberry Cream, Burnt Sugar & Licorice Glitz.

 photo TFPalette_zpsd984d8c8.jpg



Vanilla Sugar- pale off-white with light sheen.

Mocha Ice - medium metallic warm brown.

Ganache - medium brown with a light sheen.

Strawberry Cream - shimmery pale pink. (seems chalky to me)

Burnt Sugar - medium taupe shimmer. (seems chalky to me)

Licorice Glitz - charcoal grey with silver micro-glitter. (seems chalky to me)



Pink Caramel - light brownish pinkish shade (love this blush)

Lollipop - bright candy pink. (a little chalky looking on me)



Raspberry Truffle - sheer medium rose pink.

Bubble Gum - a light sheer shimmering/icy pink.



NOTE: Cruelty free

PRICE: Retails for $36

Where: no longer sold









 photo DVBlush_zps5696f666.jpg

NARS blush in Dolce Vita

How I love this color in all their products and how this is my #1 favorite blush color to use. A little of this goes a long way. Dolce Vita is a dusty rose color with a matte finish.


NOTE: NARS is cruelty free (their parent company is not)

PRICE: $30

Where: Sephora or NARS website





 photo LipBalm_zpscd4b5f75.jpg


SOAP & GLORY: A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm in Juicy Peach

I love the smell and the feel to this balm!!! Love it, love it, love it! Very creamy and light. Goes on very sheer and I smell the peaches!!! Contains mango butter to moisturize, apricot berry protects your precious lips from those cold cold winter winds and lingonberry oil for hydration. Non-greasy feeling.


Does not contain:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates


NOTE: does not test formulations on animals

PRICE: $10






 photo Lipliner_zps52121f8f.jpg



I love this lipliner! If you’re looking for a cheaper version of UD Ozone ($20) and Make Up For Ever lip line perfector ($19) well look no further, Milani’s anti-feathering lipliner is at your service for just $4.49. This is a transparent lipliner that prevents lipstick & lip gloss from feathering. I also use this as a lip primer & liner filler to extend the wear of any lipstick or lip gloss. Contains vitamins and moisturizing ingredients for a smooth application. Paraben-free.

NOTE: Cruelty free

PRICE: $4.49

Where: CVS, Walgreens or at










There you have it, my February favorites. Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? Well that is all for now, look out for future posts and more monthly favorites each month. Stay safe, stay positive, be you because you are beautiful.


Liyah Vendetta


January Favorites

Posted on January 31, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (1)

It's 2014!!!! Congratulations for making it pass 2013 in one piece :P

This year I have made it my priority to really focus on my blog. Well it’s January and there is no excuse for me to NOT start blogging about my monthly favorites. Yay! Each month, I will let you in on my Holy Grails and favorite products for that month. Although I have many favorites, I will try to limit them to fewer than 10 each month. Many of these products I have had for several months and I am barely getting to use them. Yes, I am a makeup hoarder :|. I have a habit of getting stuff and storing them away for later. Okay, let’s get down to business.

This month I have 8 die-hard favorites. They are a mix between skin care, makeup & hair care. Look at the goods …

 photo JanFavorites14_zps063200a2.jpg


The Favorites:

Skin care – 


 photo Lush_zps53317a3c.jpg

Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub 

A vegan product. This was given to me by a good friend for Christmas and I love her for it! The lip scrub has a very light scent of Bubble Gum and actually tastes like Bubble Gum. All you do is take a pea size amount, scrub the product over lips and you can lick it off. Yes, it is edible and safe. Be sure to apply lip balm afterwards.

This product contains: natural castor sugar and natural flavor. It has safe synthetics such as cold pressed organic jojoba oil, methyl lonone, ppolyester-3, D&C Red No.28, D&C Red No. 21. This product does not contain any animal product.

NOTE: Cruelty-free

Price: $9.95 for a 0.9 oz


 photo Face_zps868930e4.jpg

OLE HENRIKSEN African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser


Another product I received for Christmas by another good friend. I have been waiting to try this cleanser for a while now and it has been the best go-to cleanser for my face. I have very sensitive skin and this cleanser does not irritate my skin at all. I LOVE IT!

This is a foam cleanser. All you need is one pump since it’s very creamy. It removes dirt, oil and makeup without stripping your skin from the essential moisture. The foam cleanser is an antioxidant-rich cleanser that gently cleanses, nourishes and hydrates. It deeply purifies and infuses delicate nourishment with African red tea; a youth-restoring antioxidant to strengthen skin, vitamin C to brighten and firm, and borage seed oil to soothe and nourish. Bright and energizing citrus extracts of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine purify and intoxicate the skin senses. This product contains no Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. It is free of synthetic, fragrance and soap free.


NOTE: Cruelty-free

Price: $9 for a 1.5 oz, $30 for a 7oz





Hair products -

 photo Hair_zps3fa314da.jpg


These two products are from a subscription service from Birchbox. The 12 Benefits was sent to me from a friend name Desiree and the Beauty Protector came in my January box.

The 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is free of sulfates, gluten, formaldehyde based preservatives, animal ingredients, and petrochemicals. It is perfect for all hair conditions and textures. It has a nice mild refreshing scent that isn’t overpowering. This is also safe to use on color-treated hair.

The 12 Benefits:

Seal hair color +

Smooth frizz +

Repair damage +

Prevent split ends +

Moisturize dry hair +

Strengthen fragile hair +

Prevent flat iron damage +

Prevent chlorine, wind & sun damage +

Add shine, softness and a silky finish +

Protect hair from blow-drying +

Improve detangling & manageability +

Keep hair youthful


NOTE: Cruelty-free


Price: $19.50 for a 6 oz


Referral link to Birchbox subscription $10 a month:http://



Beauty Protector: Protect & Detangle

I really like this product. It smells like cookies in my opinion but the smell is not overpowering. It is a nice leave in mist that conditions, protects from heat and sun damage and OF COURSE – it detangles. It is also 100% vegan and suitable for all hair types. It is perfect for my curly hair. This product is also paraben and sulfate free. 

NOTE: Cruelty-free


Price: $21.95 for a 8oz


Referral link to Birchbox subscription $10 a month:http://




 photo TooFaced_zps8dbe3180.jpg


TOO FACED Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection

I am obsessed with Too Faced (I use to work for them) and this is one of my most used palettes from Too Faced. They are easy to blend, pigmented and each of their palettes comes with “Glamour Guide” instructions to create three different looks using each of their palettes. This palette has 5 new shades (from when it was first released). Favorite shades from this palette are Birthday Suit, Lap Dance, Sugar Walls and Voulez-Vous (translation: Do you want?), least favorite shade is French Tickler. This product contains no parabens.

 photo 2Faced_zpse2966b1d.jpg

 NOTE: Cruelty-Free

Price: $36


 photo UDLipstick_zps1e786567.jpg


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Turn On - rosy pink, only need one layer since it's super pigmented

It is very creamy and hydrating. It is also long lasting when I removed it - I still have a little tint of it. It is one of my favorite lipsticks. Since they are very pigmented, all you need is one layer. What I like to do is dab the lipstick all over my lips, rub my lips together and add a layer of a NYX butter gloss for a soft look. All of the Urban Decay revolution lipsticks make your lips look fuller. They also contain jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter to keep your lips soft and moisturize.

They do not contain: Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.

 photo UDSwatch_zps9b824294.jpg

NOTE: Cruelty-free

Price: $22

Where: Urban Decay website & Sephora

 photo SephoraBrush_zps70cfeec7.jpg

SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50

I love this face brush. I used it with my NARS powder foundation and it gives a nice flawless smooth soft airbrushed finish. I have owned this brush since the summer and have not had any shedding issues. The bristles are synthetic but they are perfect for loose and compact powders blushes and bronzers. Personally, I love this brush for applying powder. It picks up just enough and does not leave a caked look. It is a little pricey but worth the investment.

 photo Sephora50Closeup_zps87d238bc.jpg


NOTE: This brush is Cruelty-free

Price: $38

Where: Sephora

 photo SDL_zps0d269b38.jpg


Sedona Lace Synthetic Large Angled Contour Brush #850

I love my brushes from Sedona Lace. They are reasonably priced and give great makeup application. I personally prefer Sedona Lace brushes over MAC brushes. I use this brush for a light contouring application and also use it for applying blush and highlighting.

 photo SedonaLace_zps675a628e.jpg


NOTE: Cruelty-free, this brush is Vegan.

Price: $13.95



There you have it, my January favorites. My babies lol (I call my makeup; my babies). Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? Well that is all for now, look out for future posts and more monthly favorites each month. Stay safe, stay positive, be you because you are beautiful.



Liyah Vendetta





January 2014 - Glossybox

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The Subscription Box: GlossyBox

 photo DSC06673copy_zps5f85a827.jpg

Glossybox wanted us to start the year right, making sure we had the best skincare and makeup for 2014.

 photo DSC06636copy_zps7d0addfa.jpg

Glossybox is another subscription service that offers five deluxe-size beauty products per month for $21 (free shipping). Subscription services are a way to experience and test out new beauty products. I have found my Holy Grail products through subscription services.

This is my first Glossybox and the packaging is so cute that now I want to save all the boxes lol. It comes in a nice pink box. The products are wrapped with a black tissue paper with a pink bow like ribbon. I think it’s very cute and sophisticated. The January 2014 GLOSSYBOX theme was “Welcome to 2014″.

 photo DSC06674copy_zps2142b210.jpg

Balance Me – Super toning body wash (full size $14)

Getting this in my box is nothing special but I do not mind trying it out. I am always looking for new body washes. It has juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender essential oils.

 photo Wash_zpsb0f57cfd.jpg


The Original BeautyBlender Pure – ($19.95)

I already own the pink one that I bought from Sephora and love it. The sponge allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup and skin care. I love the BeautyBlender better than applying my makeup with a brush because I am able to reach all the spots that my brush can’t. I replace my BeautyBlender every three months for sanitary purposes. Having the cleanser is an added bonus.

 photo GBBBcopy_zps38b1b4f0.jpg

 photo BeautyBlenders_zps16081dc7.jpg


BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Blush mineral blush in Desert Rose (full size $20)

Not sure if everyone received the same color in their boxes but the Desert Rose is a nice shade. It is very creamy and it is a very nice coral brownish color. It does have shimmer to it which I am not a fan of but it’s nice. From the description, this color is suitable for all skin types and conditions, from oily skin to dry, even sensitive skin.

 photo GlossyBoxBlush_zpsbd2a6b08.jpg

 photo Blushswatch_zps552efffc.jpg

 photo Blush_zps98f09ec9.jpg


Toni & Guy meet wardrobe –Casual Sea Salt texturizing spray (full size $14.99)

I won’t be using this product at all. I have naturally curly hair and I really do not have the need to get the beach waves. Last time I tried a sea salt spray it was a disaster.

 photo Spray_zpscd14f511.jpg


VICHY – Aqualia Thermal Rich cream (full size $31)

It is a paraben-free formula that will soothe and strengthen dry skin. The formula is very creamy and melts easily leaving no greasy feeling.

 photo Cream_zpsa4b130e9.jpg

 photo DSC06642copy_zps90d52775.jpg


The box is $21 a month but you can get 10% off your first box using the code “GBChief” ($18.90 after discount) and if you go through Ebates, you can get $2.75 back, making your first box $16.15. Or you can use the cold “FANFAV” to get a free lipstick in your first box.


What did you think of the box? If you are already subscribed to Glossybox, what variations did you get (were there any this month)?  


Liyah Vendetta


January Ipsy - 19 Reasons

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The Subscription Box: Ipsy

Ipsy is a subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products along with a cute makeup bag each month for $10 (free shipping). I have been with Ipsy since July 2013 and have been 80% satisfied with their service, although some months the products have went against what I answered on my beauty quiz but I usually always swap for items that I want for that month. The theme for this month: 19 Reasons. 19 reason to make it an amazing new year, a million reasons to be a beautiful new you. I wonder what the 19 reasons are?

This month, I was pretty pleased with Ipsy. I loved four of the products I received but the only negative thing I have to say would be the makeup bag. As soon as I opened the pink mailer, a strong and unpleasant odor smacked me right in the face. Ten minutes later the smell gave me a headache. Supposedly the smell is from the ink that was used to make the makeup bag, but it smelled like ammonia. I had to air the makeup bag outside since the smell was killing me.

The goodies in the bag:

 photo Ipsy_zpsd68e6f8d.jpg


Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in Penny: (full size is $14.99)

A copper color with shimmer, very creamy and glides easily but I am not a fan of the color or shimmery products. Also the material is made out of plastic, does not twist up so how would I sharpen this? Hmmmm eh pass.


Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion (full size is $21.99)

100% natural, USDA-Certified Organic. Fragrance-free and alcohol-free, this formula is very light and gentle enough for sensitive skin. It has vitamins and antioxidants to boost skin’s defenses and leaves your skin healthier. I really love how this feels on my face. Great job Ipsy.

* Moroccan Argan Oil intensely hydrates and replenishes skin

* Rosewater evens out skin tone and smoothes texture

* Shea Butter locks in moisture and improves skin's elasticity.

LOVE IT!!!!! Score!


MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm in Natural (full size $30)

Looks like a rosy pink but it actually goes on like a pinky nude which is very pretty. I love it! All you need is a little on your lips because it’s very pigmented. L-O-V-E IT!!!! SCORE!


Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner $6 (full size $17.95)

Very light weigh, leaves hair soft and non-greasy. Love it! Another score!



willa® on the go face towelettes 10CT ($4.50)

These are natural towelettes which are enhanced with soothing lavender for a light, cool and refreshing clean. Love it! 

Swatches of Elizabetha Mott Smooth Shadow & Mica lip balm

In natural light:


 photo EMottMicaSwatches_zpscb4704e8.jpg

In artificial light:

 photo Swatches_zpsd58e37b5.jpg

What are your thoughts?

If interested in subscribing click my referral link below. I get points :) and you will also receive points.


Liyah Vendetta



A little piece of heaven

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Hello, Hello, HELLO!

It has been a while since I’ve made a blog post but I will go into those details later on this week, BUT I wanted to share this with my followers right away. I know what you’re thinking ….. No … this is not an item you can eat although it looks very delicious like a sweet tasty treat.

 photo DSC06499copy_zpsb9f536b6.jpg


For a few months now I have been following this page on Facebook and in early November I started asking questions about the products. Kristen, the owner of Smelly Goods & Pretties has been absolutely wonderful. She took the time to answer all of my questions from start to purchasing. She has great customer service and she has been so kind. I ordered a large amount of bars around Thanksgiving week, some for gift baskets for a group of girls at the state mentorship program and gifted a bar or two to four of my good friends (love you girls!) Before I go into detail with the items let me introduce Smelly Goods & Pretties.


Smelly Good & Pretties is run by Kristen. They make handmade bath and body products that are all natural and most products are chemical free. Besides making bath soap, body lotions and lip care, she also makes nail polish. Her items are reasonably priced and the soap bars that I have tried and use are great quality!


I ordered three different soap bars but the one I have used the most was the Oats, Milk & Honey bar which is one of their best selling bars. OMGEE!!! When my postal worker handed me my package, I immediately smelled it right through the sealed package, my postal worker even asked what perfume was it because now his whole truck smells great. I told him they were soap bars. They do smell amazing especially the Oats, Milk & Honey bar. This bar is made with real local oats, honey and goat milk from Texas (Go Texas!!! ... I am a Texas girl :)). In the description on the website it states that this bar is lightly exfoliating, and highly moisturizing bar and I agree. This bar was rich and creamy to lather, left no residue on my skin and from what I read – her bars are perfect for those who have sensitive skin or suffer with dry skin. I have both and this bar has done wonders for my skin and face. Yes, you can use it on your face as well! I have even used it to wash my hair a few times and did not have any problems but I also used conditioner. Afterwards, my hair smelled AWESOME!

I also ordered the Hill Country Lavender and Vanilla Goat Milk Soap Bar (smells great too) and the Your Face soap with Goat Milk & Charcoal Facial Bar soap but I have yet to use them. No worries, once I do I will write about it. I can’t wait for my friends to try out their bars and I also hope they end up loving the product.


Will you try Smelly Goods & Pretties? I do like all natural and handmade products so Smelly Goodies has a customer for life! Her bath and body line runs from $.80 to $6.00 from what I have seen and she does have sales from time to time so what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a little piece of heaven!

Smelly Goods & Pretties Facebook page:

Smelly Goods & Pretties Etsy store:


Let Smelly Goods & Pretties know that Liyah Vendetta sent you :D

Have a wonderful day!


Liyah Vendetta


What's in your salt?

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Love the taste of Himalayan pink salt, brings natural flavor to the food. Kosher & vegan certified. Did you know that the common table salt is treated with conditioning agents which promotes acidity in the body? The common table salt is always treated with bleach, heated to 1,2000 F and all of the minerals are stripped. Himalayan pink salt contains NO HARSH chemicals, naturally pink, contains 84 minerals and balances body's PH. & the crystals are clean & unheated.

Which do you prefer? 

 photo stonesfullsize_zps367c95cc.jpg

Blog Sale /Charity Sale

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 ******My feedback in on my blogsale posts (in the comment section) & on Ebay.

 photo abs-e1380082064689_zps7780b8fc.png

This is to certify that the blog sale above is registered and fully accredited by MUABS.

Items in this post are new, swatched & sanitized, semi-used& sanitized. All items are stored well and come from a clean, smokefree home. More items are added monthly to the bottom of the list and will have a date. Items that have be strike/cross through have been sold. There is a fair amount of percentage of every item that is sold will goes to the Lupus Foundation of America.  All items are 100% AUTHENTIC- unlike many sellers, I save all my receipts in the event of a dispute with eBay or paypal. I do not sell counterfeits or knock-offs, not only is that illegal, but it is just plain rude and unbusiness like.


Shipping info: I will only ship within the USA. All orders will ship within 24 hours once the payment as been clear. No shipments will be mailed out on Sunday. All orders will have a tracking number or delivery confirmation number and will be mailed to you after payment is clear. Items over $20 will have insurance. Buyer is responsible for paypal fees.

United States shipping cost for standard delivery:

Shipping starts @ $3  and the $0.50 for each additional items or flat rate box $5.15  (if everything fits). Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Orders that don't fit in a  regular size bubble envelope, email me for shipping rates.  I always provide tracking numbers. I will ship to Canada, if buyer pays for the full shipping cost.


Payment info: For your protection and mine, I only accept Paypal & Chase Quick Pay (if you bank with Chase).


Minimum Order: $10

To order:  email [email protected] [email protected]  with  your list of items with your paypal address. I will then send you an invoice and request payment be made within 24 hours. Any unpaid invoices will result in having the items no longer be held for you and will go back up for sale. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me. I usually reply within 24 hours. Or contact me via pinterest 

Thank you for your patronage.


 Ebay and I have an excellent feedback score of 100%. However this is the first time I am doing a Blog Sale.100% AUTHENTIC- unlike many sellers, I save all my receipts in the event of a dispute with eBay or paypal. I do not sell counterfeits or knock-offs, not only is that illegal, but it is just plain rude and unbusiness like. I have nothing but positive feedback in Facebook groups, Safety Society Swap and other places.


For sale. Everything is brand new, but one of the shadows from the Tarte box was swatche with an applicator and then sanitized. View next photo. Prices to not include shipping. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay, my blog, and in many groups. Please message me, if you would like to purchase. Paypal only - buyer is responsible for paypal fees.


This is where I have more stuff I am selling that way you can see the images better on the pinterest board.  :). Please visit my pinterest board to view the items I  have for sale. Looking to get rid of EVERYTHING. All items are kept in a clean enviroment and stored properly in a bin. Smoke free, drug free home.

Where I have the items for sale:

Thank you for looking! Please email me with any questions @ usmc.lvendetta at gmail dot com

 photo abs-e1380082064689_zps7780b8fc.png